The founders of Chain Reaction are two ordinary people who accidentally found themselves before a great monster. We determined that the monster was no match for Justice and Love and Hope. We left our normal lives decades ago in pursuit of  something better and far more interesting : OTHERS! in doing so, hearts were drawn and our team was born. We wish you could meet these local, unsung heroes: they laugh in the face of danger, love people, and seek the least of these. Though we can’t disclose their names for safety’s sake, eternity will tell the impact they have made on countless children and their families. From the bedside of a sick little one to the table of the discarded sex worker, these justice-lovers live to restore hope, light, and laughter. They are an unstoppable movement…a chain reaction!

U.S. Volunter Staff

Anna VerbytskaAnna Verbytska— Managerial Accountant

Anna was born and raised in Kharkov, Ukraine, and graduated from the University of Oklahoma. While completing an 18-months work assignment in Singapore, she was a regular visitor to the Cambodia and Indonesia locations of our network. As part of the administrative team in the US, Anna fields volunteer applications and manages our financial accounts. Anna works as an Internal Audit Director at Dematic Group and resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Anna takes every opportunity she gets to travel, hit a flea market, or try a new workout DVD. We look forward to Anna’s next trip to Asia.


bio8Tamara Wormsbecher — Office Manager, Administrative Assistant

A flight attendant by day and a mastermind office manager by night, Tami has always possessed a love for organizing—since childhood. Her grandfather was a bookkeeper, so she values the ability to keep things in order with honesty. Non-profits take a lot of behind the scenes work to make it happen and that is where her passion lies. Tami’s goal is to do the work that takes away from the time needed to rescue and rehabilitate the children who are unwanted, abused and violated. We are grateful for our meticulous assistant and friend!


bio9Shibu George — Technology Officer

Born and raised in New York, Shibu is employed as a Software Development Manager at a large software company. Shibu and his lovely family not only bring web expertise and skill, but great joy to our team.