Keynote Speaker: Rosi Orozco

Keynote Speaker:Rosi Orozco

Rosi Orozco, a former Mexican Congresswoman, has dedicated herself to the recovery of those who suffer as victims of human trafficking in the various areas of sexual exploitation, labor, begging, humiliation, forced marriages and organ trafficking.

In the struggle to free those being abused,  she has risked her own life to free girls from areas that for decades were untouchable for Mexican justice.  Over the years Rosi has interviewed more than 170 victims and has helped empower themselves to move forward in their lives. She represents the voices of these women, to ensure that their stories are heard by the authorities and society. 

Once Rosi became involved in the issue of trafficking, she established shelters to give specialized care to victims of trafficking and exploitation. This was a joint development with specialists and psychologists and has become a unique model on care of victims.

Rosi Orozco was Federal Deputy and President of the Special Commission for the fight against human trafficking in government agencies  and the driving force behind laws to prevent human trafficking and to protect and offer assistance to victims of these crimes.

Rosi’s commitment to social justice has led her to support the creation of foundations, shelters and organizations. She recently founded United Against Trafficking, civil association that seeks to unify mutual support among the different strata of society: politics, business, arts and international media.

She was recognized by Newsweek magazine in New York as one of the 4 bravest women in Mexico and one of 150 worldwide.


Rosi believes that “United we will make the Difference.”