Selah House, Cambodia began in 2010 because of one little girl. We met Ruthie (watch her story here) while teaching trafficking prevention in a squalid village. She simply smiled and walked right into our hearts. We found out later that most days, Ruthie was literally chained in front of their hovel by her grandmother. She was fed scraps and dog feces and used by men at night. Ruthie was released to our care a few days later. She has brought not only joy and laughter, but an unshakeable longing to rescue more like her… tucked away in dark corners, abused, lonely, lost…

Today Selah House houses many such princesses. They are provided with medical care, private schooling, a beautiful home with loving caregivers, and most of all: an atmosphere of healing and the Father’s love.

God gives the lonely a home.
    He leads prisoners out with joy,