Why You?

Why.  It’s a good question.  It’s the responsible question, and honestly, it’s the easier question.  We hope protecting innocent children from those that exploit them is important enough to get involved.  We’re already doing the work – your support means that we can expand our impact and our influence.


On the surface, this seems like the more complicated question.  But the fact is, you already have something that can make a difference in someone’s world.


Whether you’re a musician, craftsman, medical provider, designer, photographer, or have another talent that you feel would be useful, we’d love to hear about it.


If you can’t come yourself, use your miles to send someone with the time to come on-site.

Monetary Resources
Your financial generosity allows us to proactively rescue children, feed them, clothe them, and point them in the direction of love, hope, and restoration.


Either way, choosing to get involved can change the course of someone’s life, family, and community.


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